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Birthdate:Aug 3
Location:Boise, Idaho, United States of America
Archlibrarian, First Cartographer to the Administratum, Dark Energy Barista, Meta-scribe. Or in other words, I drink tea and horde books.

Soy una mujer sincera.

Interests (148):

300, a knight's tale, a man for all seasons, acid bath, alice in chains, ashely macisaac, baking, battlefield band, beowulf, beowulf and grendel, bill and ted's excellent adventure, black books, blackadder, boethius, boondock saints, brown betty teapots, classical greek, common, dandelions, daydreaming, dethklok, diana gabaldon, douglas adams, dr. who, dylan moran, eddie izzard, erasmus, fight club, firefly, fistful of dollars, for a few dollars more, gaelic, gaming, geology, gladiator, good whiskey, gotan project, gran torino, guitars, guy gavriel kay, hawkwood, hiking, howlin wolf, hunter s. thompson, indiana jones, inglourious basterds, iron & wine, jane austen, jay-z, jenny sparks, john donne, john lee hooker, john mcpheestill life with woodpecker, johnny cash, jon stewart, jonathan strange and mr. norrell, jrr tolkien, kingdom of heaven, latin, linguistics, lock stock and two smoking barrels, matisyahu, medieval literature, metallica, metalocalpyse, michel de montaigne, midnight croquet, million dollar baby, mod def, molotov, monty python and the holy grail, muddy waters, muse, neil gaiman, neil young, nirvana, north mississippi allstar band, old english, orkney, otep, p.g. wodehouse, patrician wrede, pearl jam, philology, pre-raphaelites, pride and prejudice, pucifer, rage against the machine, rammstein, rasputina, reading, renaissance humanism, repo! the genetic opera, robert louis stevenson, robin hood, rocknrolla, running, science, secretary, self-reliance, serenity, seven nations, sherlock, slc punk!, snatch, star trek, stephen fry, stp, superbad, susan cooper, swinburne, tea, the book, the chevalier de bayard, the clash, the enlightenment, the fugees, the good the bad and the ugly, the grateful dead, the lymond chronicles, the ocean, the old dominion, the outlaw josey wales, the princess bride, the rappahannock river, the riverside chaucer, the roots, the the secret history, the usual suspects, the venture brothers, things by kevin smith, thomas more, thoreau, tool, townes van zandt, travel, umberto eco, unforgiven, v for vendetta, vikings, virginia, voltaire, w.b. yeats, wander and wonder, wilco, william faulkner, yoga, zen
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